Music Paradise APK Is Helpful To Download Famous Pop Singers Music Songs

As you know, there are hundreds of genres in music and each style is loved by a particular group of listeners. You may like listening to R & B, but you may not be really into Blues. However, there is this one kind of genre which is composed to be loved by all sorts of music listeners. It’s none other than the Pop Music, intended for a broad audience.

Are you a Pop lover? If yes, then scroll down to find the world’ best English Pop Artists of this millennia. And get your playlist jamming with their great Pop songs. And, if Pop is not your thing, it will soon become one when you listen to them.

Pop Singers & Music Paradise Downloader To Download Songs

  • MAROON 5

To start with let’s first talk about a band of Pop artists. It’s the Maroon 5. Who doesn’t know them? Maroon 5 is a Pop band, whose songs are present in everyone’s playlists. Most of their songs make their entries infamous music charts too; like Billboard, MTV Music, etc. Just believe us; their songs would make you turn on the ‘playback’ button of your music player.

It would not be wrong to finalize her as ‘The Pop Queen’. Rihanna is ruling people’s heart with each of her Pop songs. Her very first album ‘Pon de Replay’ managed to grab number 2 position of Billboards singles, in 2005. You should hear all her songs because she has been a success since her debut, consistently!


An artist is recognized for his work. Ignoring the memes about him all over the internet, even you know that his songs are as popular as his memes. And why are they popular, it’s because people love them. His songs successfully manage to get nominated for various music awards, and he also manages to win many of them every year! Now, you know the reason why he falls in the ‘Best Pop Artists’ category.


Selena Gomez’ story was covered in VH1’ “Pop Profiles” this year. She stepped into the world of glitz and glamor, at a very young age as the child artist, in the very famous ‘Barney & Friends’ television series. She is an actor-turned-singer, but this talented prodigy’ songs were just enough to conquer the hearts of music lovers, all around the globe. She is a girl who has earned millions in her twenties. She is an artist who writes her songs and who makes people crazy for her single autograph.


We must have made a terrible mistake if we would’ve forgotten her. Taylor Swift’, songs swiftly becomes people’s favorite. Winner of seven Grammy Awards till now and we know that this number will keep on rising in coming years. She also writes her songs, just like her best friend, Selena. All her songs should be suffixed with the word ‘hits’; like a surname. Any song featuring her name becomes a branded song in itself.

Music Paradise Downloader & Other Downloaders To Download Their Songs

Good songs are downloaded. Good songs are present are on everyone’s playlist, to be replayed! One can find these artists’ songs almost everywhere on the internet. But, we don’t want you to download their remixed versions, radio versions or parodies. Without wasting your time on the web, you can try out the following ‘music downloading’ apps.

MUSIC MANIAC: Will turn you into a music maniac, because from here free songs can be downloaded and can listen offline, not only this the sound quality of every song would make you forget that, you are using its free version.

iTUBE: Is now available for Android users too. This will help you download music caches and videos on your phone. It also lets you create playlists of songs and videos in its app, and you can even bookmark mark your favorites, here.

Music Paradise: Has an easy navigation interface which makes surfing the app a smooth journey, here you will find not only the songs but also ringtones and sound clips. Songs in this app are protected by copyright laws, and you can download music paradise apk them on your phone, in no time.

All these three apps have one thing in common they will help you download music for free on your device. So, what are you waiting for? Download them now!